Calculating the Costs of Climate Change


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What are the costs if climate change increases the risk of extinction of plants and animals? What about costs from impacts to agricultural production and the risk to the global food supply? These are some of the important costs involved in estimating the costs of climate change damages, a value known as the social cost of carbon.

Frances C. Moore is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at University of California Davis. Moore’s research focuses on the economic and social impacts of climate change. In particular, she has worked across the climate sciences and economics to improve estimates of climate change costs in the agricultural sector and the loss of ecosystem functioning and extinction risk. The goal is to provide a better tool to predict the real costs of climate change by including things that add value to the health of the planet but may not have an easy-to-calculate price tag. Her research bridges climate change science and environmental economics in order to better quantify the risks posed by climate change.

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