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Lake Tahoe Clarity Report Mixed for 2019: Converging Threats Challenge Lake Restoration [Official Press Release]
The clarity of Lake Tahoe has long been one of the most important indicators of the changing condition of this iconic water body. In 2019, Lake Tahoe’s clarity decreased nearly 8 feet from the previous year’s dramatic 10-foot improvement. ...more

Tiny Shrimp, Big Problem: A Collaboration of Science and Business Could Rid Lake Tahoe of a Major Polluter
Lake Tahoe is known for its beautiful blue waters and remarkable transparency. But its clarity is threatened by climate change and urbanization — and billions of tiny invasive shrimp. Researchers at the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental ...more

Virtual gardening workshop focuses on high-elevation growing
Birds are chirping and the snow is almost completely melted. Spring weather means it’s the perfect time to get outside and get your hands dirty. Having a bountiful supply of fruits and vegetables sounds wonderful in these times, but living ...more

A bet on Sierra survivors: In climate race, scientists are propagating trees with staying power
The sugar pine, with its footlong ones and feathery branches that stretch out high above the forest, used to be one of the most common trees standing guard over Lake Tahoe's clear waters. But drought, bark beetles and climate change have ravaged this beloved conifer, whose population was already diminished by logging, ...more

Tahoe Film Fest
The Tahoe Film Fest returns in December with all proceeds from the festival benefiting the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC). Although films premiering at the highly anticipated cultural event are largely environmentally focused, feature presentations cross over a number of different movie genres. ...more

These Trees Survived California’s Drought and That’s Giving Scientists Hope for Climate Change
When California’s historic five-year drought finally relented a few years ago, the tally of dead trees in the Sierra Nevada was higher than almost anyone expected: 129 million. Most are still standing, the dry patches dotting the mountainsides. ...more

A look at UC Davis effort to rid Lake Tahoe of non-native shrimp
Sacbee, YubaNet, Modesto Bee, San Luis Obispo Tribune, Daily Democrat - August 1, 2019 - Brant Allen, boat captain of the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center ( TERC ) and staff researcher Katie Senft trawl for mysis shrimp at Lake Tahoe, CA, as part of a project that could be an ecological solution to clarity at Lake Tahoe. ...more

Tahoe: State of the Lake report released
Sierra Sun - August 1, 2019 - Lake Tahoe, with its iconic blue waters straddling the borders of Nevada and California, continues to face a litany of threats related to climate change. But a promising new project to remove tiny invasive shrimp could be a big step toward climate-proofing its famed lake clarity. ...more

Removing Tiny Shrimp May Help Climate-Proof Lake Tahoe's Clarity
Official UC Davis Press Release - August 1, 2019 - Annual Tahoe State of the Lake Report Released - Lake Tahoe, with its iconic blue waters straddling the borders of Nevada and California, continues to face a litany of threats related to climate change. But a promising new project to remove tiny invasive shrimp could be a big step toward climate-proofing its famed lake clarity. ...more

Flag Elicits ‘Go Aggies!’ Cheers in Tahoe Swim
UC Davis News - July 30, 2019 - Davis’ Women in Water Research swimmers added a new element to their third annual appearance in the Trans Tahoe Relay: a Gunrock flag flying from their support boat, a UC Davis research vessel, in the July 20 event. “(The flag) really helped give us visibility,” said Irene Engilis, collections manager at the Museum of Wildlife and Fish ...more

UC Davis Women to Return for 10-Mile Swim Across Tahoe
UC Davis News - July 8, 2019 - UC Davis’ Women in Water Research team announced it will take the plunge for the third consecutive year in the Trans Tahoe Relay, a 10-mile swim across the alpine lake — no wetsuits permitted. This year’s relay, the 43rd annual, is scheduled for Saturday, July 20. The Women in Water Research team, as in the past, will be “swimming for science,” raising funds this year for science communication and outreach ...more

UC Davis welcomes Mandela fellows
Davis Enterprise - On June 19, UC Davis welcomed 24 young African professionals for its six-week Mandela Washington Fellowship. The fellows, all leaders in their respective fields, will be in Davis through July 28 for a program organized by UC Davis Global Affairs. This year’s fellows are the fourth cohort that UC Davis has hosted since its inaugural fellowship in 2016. ...more

Seeking Clarity
News Review - June 6, 2019 - Living so close to Lake Tahoe, it can be easy to take its emerald blue water, rugged terrain and stunning beauty for granted, and forget that the lake is part of a delicate ecosystem whose health relies on conservation and diligence on the part of naturalists and an informed public. Data collected over the past five decades by the University of California, Davis ...more

A New Approach to Tahoe Clarity
Tahoe Quarterly - Best of 2019 - Scientists are studying the impacts of removing non-native Mysid Shrimp from Lake Tahoe's famously clear waters. Replacing one tiny critter that doesn't belong in Lake Tahoe's waters with an even smaller one that does, could offer priming possibilities when it come to restoring the lake's threatened clarity. 

A Novel Intersection of Science and Art, Exhibition Delivers Celebration of Place with an Environmental Angle
Press Release - August 30, 2018 - Colors of Lake Tahoe features 15 artworks from collaboration between scientists at UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center and artist Deborah Lawrence Schafer.

Collaboration key to new Tahoe challenges (opinion)
Nevada Appeal - November 1, 2018 - Warming temperatures pose major challenges for Lake Tahoe's environment, communities and the outdoor recreation that drives its economy. Research by University of California, Davis's Tahoe Environmental Research Center, University of Nevada, Reno, and Desert Research Institute clearly shows Lake Tahoe is warming. ...more

Media coverage of 2017 Tahoe Clarity Release
June 13 - June 21, 2018

Thursday's Top of the Scroll: Drought, Heavy Rains Leave Lake Tahoe With Historically Bad Water Clarity
Aquafornia - June 14, 2018

Nature Delivers 'perfect storm' that reduces Lake Tahoe clarity
KCRA, AVA360, Chron.com - June 14, 2018

Letter: More needs to be done to protect Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe News - June 14, 2018

Lake Tahoe Clarity Lowest on Record after 2017’s Extreme Weather
UC Davis Science & Climate - June 13, 2018

The Clarity of Lake Tahoe Declined Almost 10-Feet Last Year
Snowbrains - June 13, 2018

Unprecedented weater in 2017 hurts clarity level in Lake Tahoe
YubaNet - June 13, 2018

Unprecedented Weather in 2017 Hurts Clarity Level in Lake Tahoe
Public Now - June 13, 2018

Water clarity in Lake Tahoe sinks to all-time low, report finds
Merced Sun-Star, The Tribune, Modesto Bee, Fresno Bee - June 13, 2018

Dramatic decline in Tahoe's clarity - 9.5 feet
Lake Tahoe News - June 13, 2018

Data shows sharp decline in 2017 Lake Tahoe clarity brought on by years of drought then record snow
Carson Now - June 13, 2018

Lake Tahoe clarity drops in 2017
Tahoe Weekly - June 13, 2018

UC Davis: Unprecedented Weather in 2017 Hurts Clarity Level in Lake Tahoe
Press release point - June 13, 2018

Inclement weather hurts Lake Tahoe's clarity level in 2017
KRNV-TV, KRXI-TV - June 13, 2018

Tahoe clarity down, according to UC Davis report
KOLO-TV - June 13, 2018

Drought, heavy rains leave Lake Tahoe with historically bad water clarity: Study
San Francisco Chronicle - June 13, 2018

Lake Tahoe clarity drops nearly 10 feet
KCRA-TV - June 13, 2018

Lake Tahoe clarity decreased 9.5 feet in 2017
Tahoe Daily Tribune - June 13, 2018

Record Low Clarity at Lake Tahoe Blamed on Unusual Weather Events
KQED Science - June 13, 2018

Lake Tahoe clarity sinks to all-time low in 2017
Mercury News, Sacramento Bee, Washington Post - June 13, 2018
Myrtle Beach, Tri-City Herald, Mid-land Daily News - June 14, 2018

Extreme Weather Dropped Lake Tahoe Clarity to Historic Lows in 2017
Capital Public Radio - June 13, 2018

South Shore female scientists discuss how to get more girls in STEM
Tahoe Daily Tribune - February 5, 2018 - The launch of a hands-on science, technology, engineering and mathematics class at South Tahoe Middle School was a success for the 70 students who participated this year — but the course's discrepancy in male to female students is indicative of the continued national struggle to get more girls involved in STEM. ...more

Online public art piece visualizes Tahoe climate data
Tahoe Weekly - January 10, 2018 - Tahoe Public Art has unveiled its climate data visualization art piece “Land to Lake” online to kick off the new year with a call to action. TPA’s team worked in close collaboration with the Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC) to analyze data sets from its annual “State of the Lake...more