Candy Cane Lane

Fake snow experiment

Event Date

Tahoe Science Center

Residents and visitors alike will meet at the Recreation Center and walk the Candy Cane Lane through the decorated woods. There are many fun stops along the way including a visit with Santa Claus and Mrs. Lollie Claus making a grand entrance in a fire engine, courtesy of the North lake Tahoe Fire Protection District. 

Be sure to join in the snow science festivities at the Tahoe Science Center. Kids will delight in the engaging hands-on activities that include creating exothermic v. endothermic reactions (strategies used by ski resorts to melt ice from ski lifts), phase change poppers that convert a solid directly to a gas for an explosive experience, understanding why we use salt to de-ice our roads, colorful, unique ice melting crafts, creating a waterless snow globe to explore static electricity, experiments with fake snow, and finally learning about the formation of snowflakes. All activities and demonstrations are targeted to students of all ages, to engage critical thinking skills that help us all draw conclusions about the real-world applications of these fun experiments.

This event is free!

Candy Cane Village Map