Circumnavigate Lake Tahoe for Science

Kayaking for Citizen Science

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Join Scott Fitzgerrell, UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC) director Geoff Schladow, and other TERC scientists as they kayak Lake Tahoe in support of the Citizen Science Tahoe project. Using the app they will collect valuable water quality, algal growth, and microplastics data. They will also be discussing the current research at Lake Tahoe.

All participants are responsible for bringing their own watercraft, personal protective equipment (flotation device while on the water and a mask while on land), food, beverages, and planning their own transportation to/from the departure and arrival sites.

Please download the Citizen Science Tahoe App from prior to joining if you would like to contribute some valuable data over the course of your paddle.

To join please contact Toni Myshyakova at or Christine Parks at

Current times listed are tentative, an official itinerary is coming soon.