Plant Ecology and Global Change: Science Motivated by Conservation

Aftermath of Tubbs fire at Pepperwood

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Tahoe Center For Environmental Sciences
David Ackerly UCB CNR Dean

David Ackerly, Dean of Rausser College of Natural Resources and Professor

The Ackerly Lab is located in the Department of Integrative Biology, and also affiliated with the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, at UC Berkeley. Research in the lab focuses on ecology, evolution, climate change and conservation, with a focus on native plants of California.

Post fire assessments following the Tubbs Fire (2017) in Sonoma revealed large areas of high intensity burn and high topkill of oaks. How did these oak woodlands respond to fires? How would different vegetation in the area recover? The results from this study in Pepperwood Preserve in Sonoma, CA, together with companion studies across the state, provide a baseline to examine potential vegetation change following high-severity fires together with ongoing drought. With the increasing threat of wildfires as a result of climate change, understanding the effects that fire plays in local vegetation dynamics and potential vegetation type conversion may have great implications to the California landscape. Join UC Davis TERC and Dr. David Ackerly as we discuss planning for change and the role of new conservation policies that match accelerated climate change.

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