TERC CIRC(umnavigation) 2024


Event Date

Various starting points around Lake Tahoe

To celebrate the summer beauty of Lake Tahoe and raise awareness of threats to the lake, we welcome everyone to join us for the fourth annual Circumnavigation of Lake Tahoe for Science, a seven-day kayaking journey dubbed TERC CIRC. The event, which combines citizen science with fundraising for the Center, will run from June 17 to June 21. It’s a unique combination of fun, adventure, science and sociability.

TERC CIRC 4 will showcase TERC’s ongoing research in the Lake Tahoe Basin while at the same time directly allowing participants to experience the lake at water level. The event offers a unique opportunity to connect with the lake, conduct science measurements along the way and feel the spirit of camaraderie with like-minded paddlers. “The best way to truly understand the fragile beauty of Lake Tahoe is to be on the water in a kayak and slowly progress around the shore. Every part of the lake is unique, and they all have different challenges,” according to Geoffrey Schladow, director of TERC.

All paddlers that are interested in the event have the option to choose from seven separate day trip segments. Each day will feature 6-13 miles of spectacular shoreline paddling through the crystal blue waters of the lake. Against the backdrop of this pristine landscape, paddlers will hear from TERC scientists, will use a cellphone app to record their observations, and learn how a range of different measurements are made.

Registration information coming soon.