Research Boat

Virtual Research Vessel

Learn how scientists study water quality in Lake Tahoe aboard a virtual research vessel. Step aboard the two-thirds scale-model of the UC Davis Research Vessel John Le Conte (R/V John Le Conte) and you will be greeted by a virtual researcher.

  • Step aboard the deck of the UC Davis research vessel John LeConte.
  • See the instruments used for lake research.
  • Learn how scientists study water quality.

Video Exhibits

Exhibits use cutting-edge technology to engage visitors, including video technology that utilizes a unique dual-screen system with a 65-inch plasma display to give the illusion that visitors are being greeted by live researchers on the boat and in the lab.

Hal Sloan, founder and principal of e-Motion Video produced all of the videos for these exhibits together with TERC staff. The entire production cycle took five months and more than 100 hours of field production time, including microscopic and underwater videography, followed by over 100 hours of post production for the cutting-edge audio/visual system that makes these exhibits come alive.

The end result is a high-tech engaging video presentation that effectively communicates the centers messages while entertaining and dazzling visitors young and old.