Tahoe: State of the Lake Report Released

July 26, 2018
How Clarity, Climate, Forests, and More Are Faring at One of the World's Most Famous Lakes

After a year marked by extreme weather and plunging clarity levels, the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center today released its annual Tahoe: State of the Lake Report.

The 2018 report summarizes data collected in 2017 as part of the center’s ongoing, decades-long measurement programs, while also presenting current research on emerging issues.  

Swimming Across Tahoe for the Love of Science

July 24, 2018

The swim reminded us why we love water science and research,” Ann Willis says about Saturday’s 42nd annual Trans Tahoe Relay that she completed with five other UC Davis women.

They plunged into Lake Tahoe on a sunny and warm July 21 as Women for Water Research II, inviting people to support their cause by donating to the university’s Tahoe Environmental Research Center, or TERC, and-or the Center for Watershed Sciences.

Lake Tahoe Team Returns from Chile

July 03, 2018

Lake Tahoe has a long and storied history, from historic environmental degradation to recent environmental successes. While not always obvious, our successes and our failures have a global impact. This was highlighted during a recent trip I was fortunate to take to the Lakes Region of southern Chile representing the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, along with Jesse Patterson of the League to Save Lake Tahoe and Geoff Schladow of the University of California, Davis.


March 05, 2014

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