2011 Events and Older

November 8, 2011: 21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in our Times with Bernie Trilling

October 20, 2011: Harvest Festival Chamber Mixer and Halloween Bats with Corky Quirk, Northern California Bats

October 5, 2011: LiDAR Map of Lake Tahoe: Seeing Faults, Landslides and Other Landforms with Lasers with Graham Kent, UNR (video available online)

September 15, 2011: Our Melting Polar Regions: Where Life on Earth is Changing with Warwick Vincent, Aquatic Ecosystem Studies Laboratory at Université Laval

August 11, 2011: Science of Cheese Lecture with Moshe Rosenberg, UC Davis

July 21, 2011: Science of Beer Lecture with Charles Bamforth, UC Davis

June 16, 2011: Science of Winemaking and Wine Tasting with Winemaker Stephen Tebb, Robert Craig Winery

June 1, 2011: Tahoe Beneath the Surface with Author Scott Lankford (to be held at Tahoe City Field Station)

May 31, 2011: John Steinbeck at Tahoe: Hatching His First Novel with Author Scott Lankford (to be held at Tahoe City Field Station)

May 20, 2011: Movie Premiere and North Lake Tahoe Chamber Mixer includes showings of the new 3-D movie Lake Tahoe in Depth

May 12, 2011: How We Ride Bicycles with Mont Hubbard, UC Davis Sports Biomechanics Lab

May 11, 2011: Cycling Biomechanics: Injury Prevention, Comfort and Performance with Judd Van Sickle, Jr., UC Davis Sports Medicine

April 19, 2011: Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival

April 13, 2011: Using Light-based Technologies to Save Lives with Dr. Marco Molinaro, UC Davis Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology

March 1, 2011: A Scientist’s View of Changes at the Bottom of Lake Tahoe with Annie Caires, University of Nevada Reno

January 11, 2011: Performance Nutrition for Winter Sports with Dana Lis, Registered Dietitian

December 8, 2010: Flying Under the Big Ice: Robotic Submarines Under Antarctic Ice with Alexander Forrest, UC Davis TERC

October 20, 2010: Cloud Seeding to Enhance Snowfall with Dr. Arlen Huggins, Desert Research Institute

October 14, 2010: State of the Lake Presentation for Volunteer Docents, with Dr. Geoff Schladow and Dr. Marion Wittmann, UC Davis TERC

September 9, 2010: Microbe Planet: Life on Earth, Extreme Environments and Astrobiology with Dr. Alison Murray, Desert Research Institute

August 31, 2010: Alternative Energy Home with Ben Solomon

August 5, 2010: Butterflies and Butterfly Gardening in the Tahoe Basin with Dr. Art Shapiro

June 17, 2010: The Changing Range of Light: Climate Change in the Sierra with Bob Coats, Geoff Schladow and Elizabeth Carmel

May 13, 2010: Lake Tahoe’s Future: Underwater, a Disturbing New World with Phil Caterino

May 4, 2010: The Forest Guards

April 20, 2010: Wild and Scenic Film Festival

March 31, 2010: Tapped

March 4, 2010: Bike Tour Eurasia presented by Allison Ansley and Chad Wiles

February 23, 2010: Earthquake and Tsunami Hazard of the Tahoe Basin with Dr. Graham Kent, University of Nevada, Reno

January 28, 2010: Tahoe Wildlife Forum

December 9, 2009: Assembling California and Western Nevada: Point Reyes to Lake Tahoe with Dr. Eldridge Moores, UC Davis Geology Department

December 2, 2009: Truth, Lies & Mysteries about Environmental Causes of Cancer with Dr. Eric Rost

November 11, 2009: World Water Issues Film Festival - Forum and Panel Discussion

October 28, 2009: World Water Issues Film Festival - Poisoned Waters

October 14, 2009: World Water Issues Film Festival - Blue Gold: World Water Wars

September 30, 2009: World Water Issues Film Festival - Flow

August 5, 2009: Freshwater Megafish: The Unseen Monsters That Share Our Lakes and Rivers with Brant Allen, UC Davis TERC

June 16, 2009: Water Quality in California: A Case for Creating New National Parks in The Sierra Nevada Mountains with Dr. Bob Derlet, UC Davis School of Medicine

May 14, 2009: Osprey in the Sierra Nevada with Lisa Fields, California State Parks

April 23, 2009: Undersea Voyager Project at Lake Tahoe, with Scott Cassell (click here for additional details)

February 18, 2009: Global Warming, Land Use and Transportation Modeling with Dr. Bob Johnston, UC Davis

January 29, 2009: Drugs, Plastics and Your Brain with Arthur Seelig, UC Davis

December 3, 2008: Asian Clam Invasion Update with Marion Wittmann, Ph.D.

October 23, 2008: Backyard Native Plants: Friend or Foe for Fire Safe Landscaping? with Lesley Higgins

September 24, 2008: Conscious Consumerism with Nikki Florio, Tahoe Regional Environmental Education

August 7, 2008: Half-Century of Research to Protect Lake Tahoe: An Ongoing Adventure with Dr. Charles Goldman, UC Davis

July 17, 2008: Making Sense of the Climate Change Puzzle with Dr. Terrence R. Nathan, UC Davis

June 25, 2008: Is the Lake Really Getting Bluer, or is the Sky Simply Falling?: A Discussion on Lake Clarity and Climate Change with Dr. Geoff Schladow, UC Davis TERC

May 22, 2008: “Blue” Jays & “Cheeseburger” Birds: Common Birds of the Sierra Nevada with Sarah Pitzer, UC Davis

April 30, 2008: An Exploration of Human Evolution, Health and Physical Fitness with Frank Forencich 

April 17, 2008: Troubled Water of the Sierra with Joan Clayburgh, Sierra Nevada Alliance

March 20, 2008: Science Partnerships in the Art of Landscape Architecture with Les Smith (Design Workshop)

February 19, 2008: Fishes of the Eastern Sierras: Saving the Natives with Peter Moyle, Ph.D.

January 17, 2008: Water in the West: What's on Tap? with Jeff Mount, Ph.D.

Dec. 5, 2007: The Collapse of California’s Water System: From Disasters to Decisions with Jay Lund, Ph.D.

Nov. 13, 2007: Fire Behavior with Scott Stephens, Ph.D.

Oct. 29, 2007: Fire Science with Dr. Wally Miller, Jeff Brown and Norb Szczurek

Sept. 25, 2007: Global Sustainability –The Dilemma of Scale with Deb Niemeier, Ph.D., UC Davis

Aug. 22, 2007: Wildflowers of the Tahoe Sierra with Laird Blackwell, Ph.D., Sierra Nevada College

June 6, 2007: Warming Trends in the Tahoe Basin – Causes and Impacts with Bob Coats, Ph.D., Hydroikos Inc.

May 25, 2007: The Pale Blue Dot (Earth From Space) with Dr. Paul Guttman, Space Science for Schools

April 10, 2007: Non-native Species Introductions at Lake Tahoe with Sudeep Chandra, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Reno

March 20, 2007: Air Quality at Lake Tahoe with Tom Cahill, Ph.D. , UC Davis

Feb. 28, 2007: River Shark – Conserving  the World's Largest Trout with Researcher Brant Allen, UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center

Jan. 18, 2007: Radon Risks in the Tahoe Region with Jeff Miner, Radon at Tahoe

Dec. 12, 2006: Going for Platinum: Green Features of the Tahoe Center for Environmental Sciences with Architect Todd Lankenau, Lundahl & Associates Architects

Dec. 8, 2006: Mongolian Nomads and Climate Change with Clyde Goulden, Ph.D., Academy of Natural Sciences

Nov. 28, 2006: Can We Keep Lake Tahoe Blue? with Geoffrey Schladow, Ph.D., UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center