2016 Events

December 8, 2016: Climate Change Models Using Ocean Species, with Andrew Whitehead of the UC Davis Department of Environmental Toxicology

November 10, 2016: Science of Cocktails

November 3, 2016: Imperiled Fish with Dr. Nann Fangue of the UC Davis at the Fangue Laboratory

October 13, 2016: Science of Beer with Dr. Charlie Bamforth of UC Davis

September 22, 2016: A Gut-Feeling: How intestinal microbes modulate mood and behavior, with Melanie Gareau from the UC Davis Department of Anatomy, Physiology and Cell Biology, School of Veterinary Medicine.

September 15, 2016: Innovation in the United States: Myths and Realities, with Dr. Fred Block from the UC Davis Department of Sociology 

September 1, 2016: Gratitude, with Bob Emmons, Director of the Emmons Lab

August 24, 2016: Science of Wine, with Jill Brigham of the UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology

August 20, 2016: Children's Environmental Science Day (Flyer available)

August 13, 2016: Tahoe Plant Workshops: Edibles and Herbal Series. Day 3: Dandelions, weed or feed? With Bree Lewis from the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center

August 11, 2016: Transforming Transportation, Finally: How Three Transportation Revolutions Are Starting to Disrupt Transportation as We Know It, with Daniel Sperling from the UC Davis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering: Institute of Transportation Studies

August 6, 2016: Tahoe Plant Workshops: Edibles and Herbal Series. Day 2: Tahoe Arnica uses in and out of the garden, with Alison Toy from the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center

July 30, 2016: Tahoe Plant Workshops: Edibles and Herbal Series. Day 1: Tahoe Plants = Tasty Teas, with Bree Lewis from the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center

July 28, 2016: Lake Tahoe: State of the Lake Report with Dr. Geoff Schladow, Director of the UC DavisTahoe Environmental Research Center.

June 30, 2016: Chemical Discovered May Be New Tool for Depression Therapy: Translation Tales from Bugs to Man with Karen Wagner of the UC Davis Department of Entomology and Nematology

June 21, 2016: Stories of Research at Lake Tahoe with Dr. Charles Goldman, Professor Emeritus at UC Davis.

June 9, 2016: Don't Believe Everything You Think with Karin Sable.

May 19, 2016: The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Behind the Headlines and the Lessons Learned with Dr. Ronald Tjeerema of the Tjeerema Aquatic Toxicology and Environmental Chemistry Lab

May 10, 2016: Tree mortality in the Lake Tahoe Basin - Causes and Consequences, with Dr. Patricia Maloney Associate Director of the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center

April 21, 2016: Lake Tahoe Trivia Night with Kristi Thompson of Alibi Ale Works and Dr. Charles Goldman of UC Davis TERC, sponsored by Alibi Ale Works and UC Davis TERC

April 7, 2016: Garden Planting for Native Bees & Butterflies with Ellen Zagory of the UC Davis Arboretum

March 30, 2016 - April 1, 2016: South Lake Tahoe's 1st ever Science Expo (More Info)

March 14 - 18, 2016: North Lake Tahoe's 11th annual Science Expo (More Info

March 3, 2016: Trout in the Classroom program 

February 18, 2016: The Physics of Snow with Bernhard Bach from the University of Nevada, Reno. 

January 28, 2016: Exploring Mars with Curiosity with Dr. Dawn Y. Sumner of UC Davis and NASA's Mars Science Laboratory.